Our Peugeot dealership team of experts work with all types of industries and small businesses to offer simple finance solutions, plus products and services that help meet budgets and individual needs.

Contract Hire Plus offers you additional financial security in addition to standard contract hire features.

Why choose Contract Hire Plus?

In the unfortunate event of your vehicle being subject to an insurance total loss, you will be required to settle your rental agreement. Your motor insurer may offer you a settlement figure that is lower than the amount required to settle your rental agreement, leaving your business to pay the difference.

Key Features

  • Free2Move Lease (PSA Finance) will waive the difference between the vehicle’s market value at the time of loss and your agreement’s settlement figure, up to a maximum of £7,500.
  • The market value of your vehicle will be determined by reference to CAP clean retail and will be based on your vehicle details (e.g. mileage, specification, etc).

If you have selected a PLUS agreement all or part of this difference will be waived, minimising your financial liability.

If you are looking for hassle-free vehicle maintenance, consider our Contract Maintenance Service and we will look after your Peugeot for you.

Please remember, if you fund your vehicles via a Finance Lease agreement, you are responsible for the purchase of your own road fund licence. You will also need to ensure that they comply with the DVLA's Continual Licensing Programme.

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Another great reason to choose contract hire from Peugeot

As one of the leading providers of contract hire and leasing services, we know that fuel costs sit close to the top on your company's expenses - That's why at Peugeot Contract Hire we keep working to help your business save.

Introducing the Fuelcard People

Our contract hire and finance lease agreements now comes with yet another added benefit -

A service that is helping thousands of people beat rising fuel costs.

The Fuelcard People are leading independent agents of UK business fleet fuel cards, discount diesel fuel cards and petrol fuel cards. The Fuelcard People offers a range of leading-brand fuel cards and associated support services which enable professional drivers to purchase discounted diesel and petrol.

Services are sutiable for -

  • Any organisation wanting to reduce their fuel expenses
  • LCV operators
  • Taxi, private hire and operators
  • Car fleet managers
  • Logistics managers
  • Couriers
  • Contractors of every type: Builders, electricians, plumbers, caterers, cleaners

Advantages of using the Fuelcard:

  • DISCOUNTED CARDS - Our customers will receive the FUELCARD FREE OF CHARGE*
  • FIXED WEEKLY PRICE - Savings of up to 10p per litre
  • FREE ZERO LIABILITY COVER - Protecting you from fraudulent transactions on lost or stolen cards

Save money

  • Typical cost saving of up to 4p per litre on national average pump prices.
  • Save up to 10p per litre on motorway refuelling.

Keep track

  • DEDICATED ACCOUNT MANAGER - No call centres! Each customer has a named contact, with a named back-up, to handle all enquiries.
  • FREE - Online account management 24/7, with custom reports

Extra benefits

  • Savings on petrol as well as diesel refuelling (if mixed fleet)
  • Other essentials if required: Lubricants, Brake fluid, and Adblue and M6 tolls
  • No minimum account spend

For all new contract hire and finance lease agreements, The Fuelcard People will rapidly answer your questions and register you so you can start saving on fuel.

If you would like to contact the Fuelcard People regarding this offer please use the following contact details:

For more information, please call 0844 808 2317 or visit discountfuelcards.co.uk/peugeot

*Free of charge for the first year with discounted rate of 50% thereafter. (Equal to £6 per year)

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Contract hire from Peugeot offers a risk free solution for your business and allows you to manage your outgoings with easy, fixed monthly rentals. There is no depreciation to worry about and you can tailor your contract to fit your specific needs:

  • Low initial outlay (usually three or six months in advance)
  • Different contract lengths available (from 24–48 months)
  • You determine and set the annual mileage
  • A range of 'add-on' services for true, 'worry free motoring'

Choose Peugeot contract hire and you will receive:

  • Road fund licence for the duration of the contract
  • Peugeot Assistance for the duration of the contract
  • Free fuel card
  • The opportunity to reclaim some, or all of the VAT on your rentals (for those who are VAT registered)
  • Vehicle collection at the end of your contract from a location of your choice
  • No vehicle disposal hassle, or prices to worry about

All LCV models funded on Contract Hire benefit from free of charge ply lining.

An optional Peugeot Contract Maintenance package is also available (see below) to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

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Finance Lease offers a contract with fixed monthly rentals and tax benefits for businesses who do not want eventual ownership of their vehicles.

Why choose Peugeot Finance Lease?

  • Low initial outlay (usually three or six months in advance), easing company cash flow
  • Fixed rental and repayment periods to reduce your monthly cost
  • Ability to sell the vehicle (as our agent) and retain 100% of the sale proceeds
  • VAT paid on rentals for LCV is fully recoverable and 50% recoverable for cars

If you are looking for hassle-free vehicle maintenance, consider our Contract Maintenance Service and we will look after your Peugeot for you.

Please remember, if you fund your vehicles via a Finance Lease agreement, you are responsible for the purchase of your own road fund licence. You will also need to ensure that they comply with the DVLA's Continual Licensing Programme.

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Would you like a Peugeot van with low monthly payments? Passport Pro is a three-year purchase plan that is ideal for small businesses that require vans. The plan can be structured to suit your business budget, since only part of the vehicle is repaid over the contract term (due to the anticipated future value).

How does Peugeot Passport Pro work?

  • You decide your initial deposit (if any) and annual mileage
  • We set an anticipated future value to keep the monthly instalments fixed and low

At the end of the contract, choose from the following three options:

  • Hand the van back with nothing further to pay (mileage, conditions and arrears apply)
  • Pay the final payment and the van is yours
  • Part-exchange the van for another, new van

Why choose a Peugeot Passport Pro purchase plan?

  • No van depreciation or disposal to worry about
  • You decide if you want keep the van at the end of your contract
  • Roadside Assistance is included for the duration of your contract
  • No VAT on Monthly payments

All LCV models funded on Passport Pro benefit from free of charge ply lining.

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A total vehicle service plan for every small business. For complete peace of mind motoring, we can take care of your routine servicing and repairs. We can also provide a replacement vehicle in the event of a mechanical failure or accident.*

Choose our Peugeot Contract Maintenance plan and you will receive:

  • Full routine servicing including all oils, lubricants and consumables
  • Unlimited tyre (including punctures), battery and exhaust replacements when required (subject to normal wear and tear)
  • No unexpected maintenance or repair costs (subject to wear and tear)
  • Cash flow protection – to keep large repair bills at bay
  • Improved efficiency – our professional staff will ensure that your vehicle is maintained to the highest standard (including progress chase repairs to minimise downtime)
  • Protection from inflation (for the duration of your contract)

*Relief vehicle is an optional service designed to keep your business running whilst your vehicle is in for service or repair. It is subject to terms and conditions and is available immediately, (or after 24 or 48 hours, depending on your business needs). Relief vehicles are available for up to 28 days per contract.

How does Peugeot Contract Maintenance work?

Contract Maintenance is calculated by:

  • The model you choose
  • How many miles you plan to do
  • How long you choose to run the vehicle for

If you choose a Contract Hire plan, we can add Contract Maintenance to your monthly rental and collect the amount by one direct debit. Other finance options and cash purchases are billed as a separate direct debit.

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A complimentary service for peace of mind. Unfortunately, accidents can happen, and when they do, there is always so much to sort out – and so little time.

Unlike some of our competitors - who charge their business clients for an Accident Management service, Peugeot Contract Hire provides this service free of charge.

Our free Accident Management service includes:

  • 24/7 friendly and professional advice
  • If your car isn't driveable we'll arrange for it to be recovered to the nearest Peugeot Accident Repair Centre
  • If the accident wasn't your fault, we'll organise a 'like for like' replacement car for you to use until your car is back on the road. If the accident was your fault, we will provide you with a courtesy vehicle
  • Our Peugeot Trained Technicians will assess the damage and cost any necessary repairs. We will even inform your insurance provider so you don't have to
  • Vehicle repair using original Peugeot parts
  • Efficient repair and return of your vehicle to ensure minimum disruption
  • Vehicle repair through the Peugeot Network, with a Repair Certificate issued (which can be handed in at the end of contract)

For more information on any of the products and services below, speak to your local dealer:

  • Lease Purchase: A flexible and fixed-cost way to purchase your vehicle
  • Hire Purchase :A standard finance option to purchase your car
  • Contract Hire Plus: Peugeot Contract Hire will waive up to £7,500 from your future rentals in the event of a vehicle write-off