Business car and van leasing | Peugeot Contract Hire UK

  1. Peugeot NEW 208 

    From £124 per month

  2. Peugeot 308

    From £165 per month

  3. Peugeot NEW 2008 SUV

    From £159 per month

  4. Peugeot Expert

    From £139 per month

  • new 208 2016

    Get personal with the Peugeot NEW 208

    Rentals from


    per month

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  • 308---

    Find your style with the Peugeot 308

    Rentals from


    per month

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  • new 2008 suv

    The NEW 2008 SUV - Built with stregth and character

    Rentals from


    per month

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  • expert h

    Pick up the perfect all-rounder with the Peugeot Expert

    Rentals from


    per month

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  • 108 new

    Peugeot 108

    Rentals from £104 per month

    This fuel efficient, compact urban car is a perfect run around for any small city based business

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  • 308sw-2

    Peugeot 308 sw

    Rentals from £175 per month

    The ideal choice for business users seeking a sleek yet spacious car with excellent reduced energy consumption for when you need to take long business journeys

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  • new 208 home

    Peugeot New 208

    Rentals from £124 per month

    Experience a closer, more comfortable drive, combined with a striking design. Ideal for business journeys near or far

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  • boxer home small

    Peugeot Boxer

    Rentals from £215 per month

    Robust and practical, with a higher specification than ever before, the New Peugeot Boxer comes in a multitude of versions to suit your business

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  • expert-

    Peugeot Expert

    Rentals from £139 per month

    This versatile all-rounder will meet all your professional needs.

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